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Gallery of Last Wish
Lethal Combo Last Wish
I'm proud of my second sprite edit ^^

I used some npc's chest, then I made my own custom arms.
Also made my own: Hair,Eyes,Ears.

I took the stalkers lower cape thing, and recolored it brown.
I took the Monks shoes.
Then did my own pants.

PS : Can you tell me how to make the background transparent?

hmm...the 2xdoto-part didnt work this well..
you have to smoothen the edges by hand (look in the forum for details)

as for transparency with just paint & xnview look [url=]here[/url]
Aco/Monk/Champion/Thai Boxer? Last Wish
I found some somesprite of an NPC and re did him.
Pants - Monk
Shoes - Monk
Hair - Custom green color ^^
New Gloves.

Thats it :P also it's my first sprite edit.

Nice :)
If you fix the colors, it will look even better. But I think the head is a bit to low. Seems as if he had no neck.
Dark Love
ooo sexy~~~~
Last Wish
O_O, lol I just noticed that. Thanks I'll fix it right away.
Looks good. ^^
But.. The color of the skin in the face is another one than the color of the rest of his body oO;

(hi,eng?T_T /sry)
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