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Gallery of Kythah
lonely wiz vol.2 Kythah
Well, the next pic ^^

It took a lot of time to change the girl's sprite and give her... breasts :D

comments/suggestions please x)

I agree with Tiara.
Did you ask Andany for using this Emoticon? o.o
ah, you're right ><
I will fix it at the next pic.
What does she say... well, imagine at your own ^^
First I wanted her to say something like "hi what's your name", but I thought it's stupid.
(if you take a closer look, you can see that she says "WTF OMFG !!!11" , ignore it it's just a dummy text ;D)
ooow, tell uus, what will she say to him??
but the eyes are cruel XD
What does she say, what does she say, what does she sayyyyyyy????

The breasts are nice but the girl's eyes somehow are to close together...
Lonely Wiz ôô.v Kythah
Well, my first try of a real sprite edit ^^;;

ja, hi mari ^^
bin ja nur durch chris hier drauf gestoßen... nya
i dunno what she's holding, i just took a myterious pic out of the effect folder of the data.grf ^^
the cross means, she's like an angel, so she got protected by a cross in this dangerous place ^^

Edit: now working at the new pic >)
omg, Dion is it you? The world's soooo small, isn't it ^^
Err about the pic... what is she holding in her hands? And what does that cross mean? *turns on mysterios music* Well we get to know with the next sprite? *-*
the wiz is wearing a super deluxe cat'o'ninetail hat >:D
with the next picture, we will see ^^
thanks for the comments!
ooh, how sweet~ make another pic where she talks to him, or something... pleeeaase^^
(What hat is the wiz wearing? oO)
Dark Love
oo good job! poor wizzy D:
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