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Gallery of Kolke
Happy Family Kolke
Took me 5 hours to made ._.

But i like the result. A Happy Family.

Kolke is the male High Priest,
Lady Serenity is the Female High Priest,
Darwin is the Novice Boy,
Celine is the Novice Girl.

All Sprites have custom poses. I hope you like it ^^

Aww lol xD How cute! It looks good :D Love the little girl and face expressions!
Dark Crus or Something Kolke
Nothing new... only mixing some sprites and little edits...

Nop, The mob sprite is from RoEmpire database and the Cruzader is from a page with a lot of sprites of ro.
do you have any adata.grf file?
I... Really Lost U? Kolke
So sad... so sad... a very dear friend... a mistake and the separation... i really lost her? That is my inspiration T.T

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