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Gallery of Kite
Kiou Kite
Dunno the correct spelling of his name, but i think u will know who he is, iff u saw the Animation ;)

Yuna - Final Fantasy X-2 Kite
Well, after i "created" Rikku, there wasn't a point why i shouldn't do the same with Yuna ;)

Azure Dallas
I love your work with Rikku too!
I like how you did Yuna's skirt-like accent to her shorts.

Please do one of Paine in the future too. I will surely love it as Paine is my most favorite FF character. //_^

*Adds to favorites*
Gaisha Kite
Wild composion of some sprites and many selfdrawn components. I hope u'll enjoy

Ghost in the Shell - Stand alone Complex Kite
Maincharacter of the GitS-SaC-Series

Rikku (Final Fantasy X - 2) Kite
Lil' fan-sprite of Rikku. <3

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