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Gallery of Kess
Kess In a Bottle Kess
^^ I put my High Priestess in a bottle too~

Novice In a Bottle~ Kess
I put a little novice in a Blue Potion bottle~

So cute x3

Good work!
So cute x3

Good work!
Kess On A Cloud~ Kess
^^ I wanted to make myself a new signature for various forums~
This is what came out of it. xD;

Maybe the background won't be black this time around. @_@

I really like the clouds! And theclouds from the bg are nice too *_*
oh, and is the background white or transparent? i can´t save .png- files and i always have either icky colors with .gif or no transparency with .jpeg...
Gorgeous. :3
Love it <3
The High Priestess is cute.

(If you would modified the clouds' color from the CH spritesheet to the background's color, that would be more great.)
Tea For Two Kess
Two gypsies having a nice day out. ^^

I didn't realize that the .png format would save my transparent background here... D: So, now it looks icky. I might reupload it if that's possible..? I hope so.

And, I don't know the font name.. xD; I'll check next time I use the computer I made this on.
Whats the font name?
it is pretty good, but it needs a background..
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