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Gallery of KazeSeishi
Fem Pala and Saber Hair from Fate/Stay Night KazeSeishi
well...I made this hair based on de n19 and looking a Saber image, and the paladin...ehmm...I dont have a fucking idea XD, I only start to modify, this paladin have Lord Knight ( Male ) things.

Please, don't steal without permission, or die (?)

see you!

can i have a sprite sheet for this please
shes pretty /ok can i have the sprite plz? i wont post anything anywere saying its mine, and if i do post something (still saying its not mine) ill tell u =3
ok, but no says you create it, I work in she at my hours of boredom xD!

use it for good/no1
that's good what you mabe /no1

can I use it please?
S A M U R A I ~ KazeSeishi
Bueno, no hablo mucho ingles pero como la mayoria habla ingles, lo escribire en ingles asi entienden xD
Well, thats my first character *-*, my Samurai xD, maybe be the second job of the ninja in my ro, if I finish him /heh xD

ja ne =9!

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