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Gallery of Junica
Card Concept Junica
Just a test with palettes and whatnot. Also just wanted to see if I could. xD

Do not use w/o express permission.
(Not that the concept's finished anyway)

The Cogs of Love Junica
Just having a little fun... ;P

Clocktower Edit Junica
Noroi Kagetsuki, renowned along the forgotten roads for her ability to heal any woundand bend the laws of physics to her whim...all for a price, of course...

Custom healer and teleporter for the server; started out as a simple edit to the Clocktower Manager, but then I remembered a promise to a certain friend of mine. I'll definitely animate this later. :P

~Feel free to use, but please don't call it yours.~ ^_^

Donut Junica
Experiment #3: Avatar & Transparency
Result: Success, at last. d(^_^)b

Experimenting with this shiny new GIF animator, so I thought I make an avatar of one of my characters...up to usual antics, of course. :P

Please don't use w/o permission.

Donut XD nice name :)
please dont put magic spell on me!! XD *lol*
Swordmaiden Junica
Custom npc for my server, using the "4_f_jpnmu" sprite as a base. Yeah, still getting the hang of this...Send me a PM with your e-mail if you want the bmp, act, and/or spr files. ;)

~Feel free to use, but please don't call it yours.~ ^_^

This is cool, you've done well on the animation. :)
Haha, thank you, both of you! =D

I unfortunately cannot take full credit for the hair; Gratia made it. I only made small edit so it moves.
u have a great talent for editing ^v^
*love it*
I like the hairstyle :3
Yourself Junica
My first npc edit...but I couldn't stop, so I made a sig out of it. I'll probably finish and make one of them a sprite. ;P

Started with a japanese woman, then added the Wanderer's sword and various do-dads from other npcs (with a quite a bit of tweaking). Hope you like it!

~Feel free to use, but please don't call it yours.~ ^_^

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