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Gallery of Halu
Sprite Comic - Part Two Halu
This is part two of my sprite comic..

Part Two - A Friend

After registering himself, Earl has to reach the North Castle to get another test.. He has been warned by the guard to be careful on the way to the North Castle, because there's monster out there.

Earl walk along the way to the North. Suddenly, he see a big caterpillar (Fabre), seem injured. Earl's worry and check the Fabre. When Earl touch it, The Caterpillar bites Earl hand. Earl's really surprise and frightened, he ran to a tree and cure his wound. While he's doing that, some Fabre fall down from the tree, and Earl runs to avoid them.

But, he 'bang' with a novice.. "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING !" the novice said... "OH MY GOD! THE FABREE... RUN!" They run to a rock and hide.. The Fabre can't see them behind the rock.. "I HATE CATERPILLAR" said the novice... Earl and the novice must go to the North castle, then he make a plan.. but it's really dangerous...

After he think for a while.. he decided to trick the Fabre to chase him then the novice can go to the North Castle and asked for help... but It sound dangerous to the novice... He worried about Earl, then he asked Earl to be replaced by him.. " Hi, buddy! You run to the North Castle.. Let me doing the tricky tricky to that... ughh... fluffy stinky caterpillar.., I pretty good in running and escaping.. you have to trust me!"

After a few time arguing, Earl agreed.. then the plan's work ! "HIYAAAQQQ, STINKKY, FLUFFYY , DISGUSTING FABRE.. I HATE YOU!!!" said the novice with sissy act (/swt), the fabre got provoked.. It just like the plan.. Then Earl run faster to the bridge.. he can see the North castle ahead. He saw the Novice's running to the bridge too. Earl feels happy, cause the novice gonna make it..

But.. The Novice's leg got stuck at the bridge.."OH, NO!" The Fabre gonna injured him... Earl run back and save the novice with his strength... the fabre's too many.. The novice pull out his leg strongly and free.. "OK!! LET'S RUN!!!... We're not gonna win this.." Said the Novice..

He hold Earl's arm, then run across the bridge.. but the rope of the bridge's ruined by Fabre, the bridge fall down. Luckily The NOvice just make in time.. but Earl's fall at the rock... He's holding tighly to a rock and try to climb... "COME ON!! YOU CAN DO IT!" said the Novice. While Earl's climbing, a fabre's crawling to Earl...

The Novice got furious, and throw his knife and snapped the Fabre.. Earl's Save!! The Novice pull Earl from the Rock.. "OH MY! I'm so HAPPY we can make it... DAMN that crawling things... they make me sicks... OMG! they're coming again.. RUN !!!" said the novice.. So They're running faster and faster then they finally reach in front of the gate of North Castle.. Open the door hurrily then shut !

"OHH, I FEEL GOOD TO BE HERE..." Said the Novice...
"Yeah..btw I'm Earl..nice to meet you" said Earl with smile..
The Novice staring at Earl, and he smile like a cat, " Rhanze... I'm Rhanze... nice to meet ya' "

Sprite Comic - Part One Halu
This is one of my project that used to be FanFic of Ragnarok Online.. I have made a fanfic, and to illustrated the sequence and situation, I used and edited the sprites, and put them in a background... I feel happy when it make the audience happy about my work... but unfortunately, I can't continue the Fanfic because of some problems... I really feel sad about it... I hope you can enjoy it...

Part One - Register

There's a boy named Earl, He is a novice with silver hair .. On the way to Novice Traininig Castle (NTC), he asked some people and guard about the way. They're staring Earl with a strange gaze... because Earl has silver eyes that really rare and strange in the world.. "I never saw the eyes like that.. kinda strange." said the guard.

Earl just smile, and walk to the direction that the guard point. And finally he reach the castle and register himself. When he enter the Hall, there's a lot of novice there and all staring at him. Earl feel nervous, but he keep going and register himself again..

Whirlwind Slash !! Halu
This is my female Assassin, who used to be dual dagger assassin, I created some movements by using adobe imageready, then It's look cool..

This is my coolest project I ever made...

I don´t want to meet her in PvP. <3
Really cool!
I wish i could animate sprites ;_;
Halu's Hammer Halu
It's the First time I tried to used Adobe Image Ready to make animation of my Blacksmith (who supposed to be Whitesmith One day... ) It's really simple , But I kinda inspired to make a more better one...

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