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Gallery of HSCZ
Porings HSCZ
Yeah, other stupid edit from me. Only have work to edit the merchant's arm. My idea was the poring seeing the machine and maybe think "why my cousins are there?" :P

Do Not Use my images without my permission

Hey, thanks Nini =3

Also Thanks pinkmilk ^_^
Now i understand, thanks for the incentivation.
Really like ur edits *-*

Thanks for all, Ai, pink and Nini, because are your comments who made me have more animation and ideas for mew edits º3º

~Actually searching for one :P~
uuuh the mini poring's are totaly cute <3 very well done! and the machine is well done too *nod nod*
Look at your PM box please~
Really? '-'
Well, thanks :3
aww, cool! :3
First Edit HSCZ
When i made this i was with this music in my head. It's ugly, i used the magic wand tool to cut the images. Was my first edit but i only remembered to post it now. I think the only good thing i do was the edition of the bard playing guitar and sitting.

Now i know i can't use the magic wand tool LOL

Waiting critics

Do Not Use my images without my permission

How I Sayed, It's My first edit. Thanks for the critic but i Know :P

I only was without nothing to post so i posted that =D

But thanks Anyway =D
Just put a little more edition, and its will be great :D
Sorry but the text in the hat of the Bard isn't so good ;/ Also, Still Trying!
It's Me, Mario HSCZ
Yada Yada Yada, I Know it's horrible but i wanted to post here anyway. The phrase "It's Me, Mario" Comes in my head when I was looking some galleries here.

Yes, I KNOW, MARIO HAS ONE MUSTACHE. But I made other sprite with the mustache and it becomes really strange O_O.

Who Plays, knows ^_^

Do Not Use my images without my permission

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