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Gallery of Gwen
It's time for rebirth Gwen
Next try...
Me noob found out where to get some sprite sheets xD , never heared somethin about them before (mwah swt :D). I started to test some ideas and this is the result.

In 7 days the rebirth patch will be uploaded at euro.
This pic is a part of a new sig (for the sig, please check out: [URL][/URL] ).
My priest Maethgwen looks different from my first post. I decided to change my hair and haircolor with rebirth (unfortunately I have to wait for the new hairstyles a little more)

Play it again, Sam ... Gwen
Ahmagad!! My first ro edit ever x__X;;
This one was an idea for a signature, showing my beloved priest and my husband *-*
And now, dear euRO Chaos player, have a guess!!
Who's the Bard? Who knows it, wins a cookie >> *cough cough*

gwennüüü <3
sweet idea..and..there are 2 pianos in that picture,
and one of them is staring at your sexy butt ;)
cookieeeeeeeeeee!!! <3
heeee is ....... your husband?
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