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Gallery of Falcondae
Lady Tempest Falcondae
The first of the four commanders, Lady Tempest is the ruler of all that dwells in the sky. She takes the form of a sniper with the wings of a falcon, her weapon is an extremely powerful bow said to have been made from a Valkyrie's wing bone, the arrows created from the bones of her victims with heads made from poisoned mythril shards. Her color, yellow, signifies her attachment to the sun, which she uses greatly to her advantage in aerial combat. Although swift and agile, she is the weakest out of the four, and requires her escorts, the Harpie Sentinels (Spell-Castors) and Harpie Soldiers (Ground Combatants) to help her reach her goal. She also uses wind-based spells to dispel her enemies as needed.

{[!]Note[!]Sorry for double post}
Where did you get these wings? Do you mind giving me a link to them?
I love the gold!
Midnight Empress Falcondae
My beloved MVP mob for Ragnarok Reborn, she will be one of the toughest bosses to defeat next to Aura's Nebilim, which is the strongest of the customized ones so far.

Empress is the leading commander of my group of four, those four being Lady Tempest, Lady Aquania, Lord Inferno, and Lord Terra, Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth respectively. Empress is obviously of Darkness, and has the ability to poison people. I have many variations of her, but in this one, she turns out to be a rogue Valkyrie fallen from her position as High Maiden of Honor and lives as a demon amongst mortals, causing havoc to wreck destruction and rule the realm of Rune Midgard...

Nebilim Falcondae
This was something I threw together for a scripter on Ragnarok Reborn, who wanted to see what his monster, Nebilim, would look like in the server. Yes, this is the same Nebilim that is in the game Tales of the Abyss. This is actually one of several I have done, but this is my first to be uploaded... ^^;;;;

Just take out the pixels on the black wings... and it will be cooler =)
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