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Gallery of Elphiel
emu Elphiel
Here a request by Wakaba a user in rocards forum. Its a Anime/Manga Character. Nothing special but the Hairstyle was very hard to create so i just edit a original RO one.

US Rifleman Elphiel
Here the Rifleman i promissed to create. I started it with my Sniper but never liked it. Now i just ended the edit and want to show it to you.

WW2 German Sniper (2) Elphiel
Yes i know its nearly the same like my first one but i changed the head with the hat ^^ I thought an older face would be better for a Soldier in this timeline. And yes a allied one is on its way to this board.

Ja i weiß, es handelt sich nahezu um das selbe Bild wie das erste aber ich habe das gesicht samt Hut/Helm nochmal gändert. Ich dachte ein älteres Gesicht würde besser zu einem Soldaten dieser Zeitlinie passen. Und ja ein Allieirter ist bereits in Arbeit.

CU next time. ^^

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