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Gallery of Dragon
Cat Attack Dragon
Ya well.. do you always think: This Cutie Cutie Drooping Citty? Well.. watch what she did in lifetime:

so cute
LOL ! Hug me ~ ! >">
Adorable...I love that kitty
Wah. O.O;
rofl, I love your senseof humour XD
Mysteltain Dragon
Yeahyeah... i have to learn more i know.. Maybe i need kinda teacher ^^... This one should be my signature... But i think it´s not ready yet i just don´t know what to put inside there...
Background is made by me too ^^

Yoda Dragon
Well, i am not very proud of this... The face is bad and the hand holding the light saber too :>... Maybe i´ll try a remake, but i don´t think so... I think i will go on making my devil-character-story ^^ Hope 2 see some comments on all of my pictures soon... Because i would like to know what 2 do better

Bloody Novice Disturbing Dragon
Aaaah those Novice could really be disturbing, ya know? So i created a revenge for all those times ^.^

I also waited for that "I know.." to appear. o.o; Looks nice anyways. <3
xD simn, thatll be gorgous..though im still wondering, why this scene wasnt taken again.. i mean, harry ford made whatever came up his mind there xD
xD I laughed at the end of this ani xD
"I love you".. XD~ great idea ^_^
Yea that's cool. ^^ I expected a Han-Solo-like "I know" after the "I love you" to make that sin appear even cooler, but it rocks anyway. ^^
That's an awesome Gif, I love the slash effect it was done very nicely.
Soulsteal Dragon
My lovely Creature (I think he looks cool ^.^) is watching and smoking a cigar while something is stealing the soul of his angelic enemy.

BloOod Dragon
My second one... kinda satanic, isn´t it? ^^" I am not satanic do not think that but.. I think it is better than my first one.

PvP Dragon
Naaah... maybe i should not post this ^^" It was my very first one and it is really bad... the blood is not right and at the Assasin... well i post everything from me so this one too... I am a Beginner

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