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Gallery of Dark Zieg
Dark Zieg Dark Zieg
In The Dark! xD

awesome edit
love this edit its sweet
Angel Zieg Dark Zieg
I Luv this Sprite!

GM - Zieg Dark Zieg
My Signature in Forum of AvengersRO...
I Luv Make Signatures!


All I asked for was a nice gesture which was to simply ask if you wanted to use it. And if you were to use it to give those others who also put time and effort into their work some credit. It's really not that hard to send a pm through here and say, you mind if I use this in a signature?

It's really not that hard. :/

I'm not trying to make it sound like, "BOO NO YOU CANT USE IT. MINE!"

I'm trying to say, "Oh, you like my work? Thank you for giving an honor of using it~"

The biggest compliment you can give to someone is ASKING to use their work in your own.

And by the's not a patent...its copyright. Patent is for something you actually invented/created to sell for a certain number of years.
Dark Zieg
U Have Patents? ¬¬
Dark - I'm flattered that you used my edit in one of your signatures. But you did not ask me for use of it. I would like to request that if you want to use my edit..that you would ask me first.

I clearly stated on that edit to not use it without my permission.

Thank you.
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