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Gallery of Calis
Summer, Sun and cool Drinks Calis
I dont know if this idea is new or not. But I looked through the monster sprites and when i saw the Sprite of Galapago this idea came to my mind.

Archiballon Calis
This is the 3rd Spriteedit I made. It isnt really special, but i like the poring cls. and I would like to buy an Archiballon at fair (Jahrmarkt in german, i hope its the right word), so my Priest got one.


Nice, but the halo isn't really good. &_&
yes the idea is fantastic, i love this hairstly.But Feru is right, the wings should be higher, at the moment they look like cute new poring cls. ears *-*
Really nice. I like the idea.
But the wings would look better if they're a bit higher.
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