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Gallery of BelugaOryx
Empyrean Lord Vestal BelugaOryx
My original character from a story I'm working on. Vestal is the young Prince of Empyrean Hallow, a floating kingdom in the sky. He is a fantastic healer, he has powerful guard spells, and he's a walking bestiary.
I'm not good with spriting/pixels, since I'm more of a digital artist This is pretty much my first attempt. I started and finished this piece early this morning. If you have critiques/tips/advices for me, I'll be glad to read them.
Thank you in advance.
*used two NPCs for this sprite
*slightly modified and recolored to my liking
*done entirely with Photoshop
*took about 2 to 3 hours to complete


If you want to use this sprite for your server, feel free to. Just know that the character, "Vestal" is solely mine. Please do not try to steal and/or make a profit off my beloved characters. Thank you.

Woah! Nice details we have here~
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