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Gallery of Azure Dallas
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Chara 01 Azure Dallas
This guy...was such a pain in the the game! //_T

Priest . . . :3 Cool color
Is he Genesis? He style is similar to Dante's, we can say that Square-Enix is copied the main character of DMC series. Anyway not a bad game :) Hope there will be better ones in the future...
Walther ~ Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Azure Dallas
The Third of the Three Mages.

Very nice, is it done?
Ovan ~ .hack//GU Azure Dallas
The Rebirth of Legato //_^

Kuwl !
Gyne ~ Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Azure Dallas
The lesser-boring of the two old men from the Three Mages.
Which reminds me, one more mage to go! //_^

this will be cool if they use this for the sage sprite in-game
Shino ~ .hack//ROOTS Azure Dallas
Just a little recolor of Atoli.

Atoli ~ .hack//GU Azure Dallas
Atoli the Priestess...err...Cleric and the main heroine of .hack//GU

I'm going to recolor her to make Shino.

I hope you like it. //_^

it's all nice but her legs look kinda weird =x
Haseo and Broad Legged Azure Dallas
Broad Legged (Broad Sword weapon) is made by Red Frost of Thanks a lot //_^

Haseo and Spin Gai Gu Azure Dallas
Spin Gai Gu (Dual Swords weapon) is made by Red Frost of Thanks a lot //_^

Haseo ~ .hack//GU Second Form Azure Dallas
This is Haseo-kun in his Second Form in an Edge Punisher-like job. He has more armor in his clothes than before but his sexy navel part isn't shown anymore. Aww...

Yuri Lowenthal rocks! //_^
I can't wait for Reminisce to come out.

PS: If the details aren't that nice, it's because I'm a newbie at making RO Sprites.

Animated Incantation Azure Dallas
Dallas (VPS) RO-style sprite with an animated red pentagram.

Bummer. You don't get to play as him.

Haseo ~ .hack//GU First Form Azure Dallas
My most favorite form of Haseo although it's his basic one.
To me, men in tight black clothing are really sexy.

I really want to make all forms of Haseo in RO and Gaia-style but first, I need to sharpen more my spriting abilities.

Yuri Lowenthal rocks! //_^

Alicia ~ Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Azure Dallas
She is the Master of the Game ~ Game Master (ie: the main heroine of VPS)

She is Dallas' childhood friend but I don't like their pairing, sorry.

Dallas ~ Valkyrie Profile Silmeria (Back View) Azure Dallas
This is the back view of Dallas' cloak

Dallas ~ Valkyrie Profile Silmeria Azure Dallas
The sexy emo sorcerer of VPS and my very first custom RO sprite //_^

He is also my most favorite video game character as of the moment.

He reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing ;3
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