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Gallery of Augapfelesserin
Gothic~ (or something like that) Augapfelesserin
Made with the Alchemist Sprite and the Image of a dress this.
I wanted to do something that has warm colours in it.
Hope you like it


Little High Priest <3 Augapfelesserin
There was nothing do to, so I made this little HP <3
But now I know, how boring it was...because it's all pink and rosa and I hate these coulors :! >_<

Thanks :D
But...too much of this coulors =_="
"watch it's pink" XD
She looks so cute ^_^
Nekromantio Augapfelesserin
The Background is a place where I was this summer vacation:
The Nekromantio or Nekromanteon, the Oracel of Death.
Because I also was near of slipping away on this rocks, I had this Idea. Nothing big but a memory.

Great background
That would be cool *-*
And in the lowest lvl there waits the Oracel of Death in his Oracelhole xD
Yeah, both my Alche and my Homu :D
Thanks :D
A new Dungeon in ro? xD
I think the person who is hanging there is your alche, right? xP She has the same hairstyle and the same homu ;)'s great xDD not just the idea the monster fits to the backround :D
Sage Ava Augapfelesserin
The Avatar to the Signature.
I hope you like it.

Sage Sig Augapfelesserin
Andraste (my Battle Sage <3)
Yeah, she has the same name as the Nercomancer but I like the name so much q__q
The Writing on it is from ASP's "Panik".

Findest du? o,o
Ich kann sie gut lesen...
aber die schrift kann man nich lesen q,q
Danke :3
Jaa...ich hörs xD
Seitdem du mir das Minnelied der Incubi geschickt hast x3
beautiful *-* btw ... du hörst asp? :D
Andraste Augapfelesserin
Andraste, a Necromancer in a (undone) Story of mine.
I like it. Idea for this in Informatik~

So, why? Augapfelesserin
"You're out of danger, because I'm no longer by your side. You know one day my dark side want to kill you and then I'm far away from my beloved, my Angel - You. And now you cry, but there aren't tears with good Feelings...So why do you cry? You're safe, become lucky...."
A scene out of a Story from a Friend...I don't which it was, but it was good q_q and this morning I would make it. see the result...^^

I like them, too q_q
And this one is very reminds me of the "Twilight"-Serie by Stephanie Meyer q_q Edward and Bella <3
Hmm... that quote from your friends story is interesting. I like fan made stories based on Ragnarok Online.
With you against all...<3 Augapfelesserin
Okay, I don't have actually a Soul Linker but I will have one and she will marry the Priest of by Boyfriend °^°b
And then we will kill everybody and everything and rule over Midgard! *muhaha*
Okay it's going to be crazy or mad xD
It only should say: "No matter what is against us, I will fight to be by your side...<3"

Oh, I don't want to kill you. Friends will rule the world with us together =) for sure^^
ohhh so sweet *-* and such a great edit ^__^b
And hey ... dont try to kill me and tai (Ò.Ó)p
we can rule over the world together /gg
-Kleid aus Rosen- .Subway to Sally. Augapfelesserin
"Meister, Meister, gib mir Rosen, Rosen auf mein weißes Kleid.
Stech die Blumen in den blossen, unberührten Mädchenleib."
Sprite Edit from the Song "Kleid aus Rosen" by Subway to Sally.
I really like it :D

I really love this edit <3 also ur first 1 very clever
Danke ihr beiden <3
jaa ich auch *-* und ich lieben den edit =)
iiich liebe dieses lied <3
-Wod- because we <3 it Augapfelesserin
My guild. I like them all and then I started this and that's the result.
Pixel -.- I uploed a better edition, I promise.

Party :3
Freya -her Room- Augapfelesserin
As old as Hels...but...Okay, I really don't know why I didn't uploaded it. xD Maybe it's because the -only her-Part isn't ready yet. The room maybe is too empty or to full, I don't know for me it's enough, not to much, not to less.
So, I hope you like it ^-^
P.S.: LoliRuri-Moon wtf xD

-Soren- .Fire Emblem - Path of Radiance. Augapfelesserin
In RPGs Assassins and Mages are normally my favourite characteres.
This is Soren, a young mage out of FE: PoR, for me the best mage in this game. I made him (yes, he is a guy xD) because a friend of mine like him a lot (me, too. I want him as a brother >_<).
It was a hard thing to do this, because most of this sprite, I must shade myself (except Head :x) and I'm not that good in it. The shoes aren't right but I tried the sandals and I failed. All in all I like it.
I hope you like it, too.

-Lethe- .Fire Emblem - Path of Radiance. Augapfelesserin
Lethe from FE:PoR
I don't know why I made her, but I like the result.
Done with Corel Photo Paint X3

Thank you :D
lol, shes cute ^^ very nice edit :P
-Hel- .her room. Augapfelesserin
Yay, the room for her @@
I know that some mistakes (like the table) could have been erased but...I had other things to do.

Nice Room
ich finde es ehrlich gesagt weder zu leer noch zu voll o.O
und die ideemit dem jocker und dem spiegel find ich genial ^^
Naja, ich habs halt irgendwie versucht. Und so voll sieht es für mich ehrlich gesagt nicht aus oO Aber jeder hat ne andere Meinung von sowas~ Ich werd aber trotzdem versuchen, mich zu verbessern^^
problem an normalen pixelart...passt nicht zum stil ><
sonst sieht es irgendwie so aus als hättest du da gesessen und gedacht: "was könnt ich dnen noch so draufmachen*iwas draufpack*" xD
dadurch wirkt es überfüllt aber doch irgendwie leer ><
-Hel- .only her. Augapfelesserin
The only one which I did with Corel Photo Paint X3.
Okay...I only did the Background with this Program xD For Pixelwork I need Paint T^T ...
But okay...the work shows the goodess Hel. I don't like the fox on the professor that's why she has a scarf :D
I really like it, even when it wasn't a real sprite edit...

-Iguana- Augapfelesserin
I like them, even I didn't see them in the game. I like such animals, don't know why oO
And that's what was coming out >_<
My AssaX ans Iguanas oo...
I hope you like it^^

Danke ^-^
hintergrund passt super :3
-Celtic Priestess Freya- Augapfelesserin
Ah...when our I-net is down I like to do something like that~
NPC-Head cut off (I killed a NPC |D xD), put the head on, headgear, background, some other stuff -> You can see the result.
But I like it ^^

-Fly to your Dreams, far across the Sea- Augapfelesserin
I made it because Easter is so boring =u=
It's my Sniper flying on a Gryphon over a Concept Art from Guild Wars o.O"
The Text (which is not readable because Paint ruins everything...) is a text passage out of the Song "Dark Chest of Wonders" by Nightwish.
-> "Fly to your Dreams, far across the Sea..."
I like it °^°

Pixelbilder + Corel = momentan noch totales Chaos x_x Manchmal ist das Bild abgespeichert am Ende zu klein, dann zu groß, aber sobald ich damit richtig umgehen kann, werde ich natürlich das benutzen ^-^

@Zeio: Thanks^^

Wozu habe ich dir Corel gegeben, wenn du nicht damit arbeitest? *seufz*

Nebenbei -> das ist Gandara, die Mondfestung in Kourna, ein Großteil der Stadt gehört allerdings zur Gefängnisinsel. Beim Angriff der Sonnenspeere wird der Hafen fast komplett zerstört, jedoch schaffen es die Kounier die Stadt gegen die Sonnenspeere zu halten wegen Abaddon.
"Nightfall has come..."

Ansonsten ist das Bild schön :)
Thats a great one :)
-I like to play with fire- Augapfelesserin
This idea came to me when I saw a present of a friend (I don't know the english word, but by us it's called "Räucherstäbchen" xD).

So I have to thank Lune for this Picture x)

Puh, gut, dass ich keine guten Avas mache xD Ich will nicht von dir gehaßt werden T-T
ich hasse leute die tolle avas machen! xDD
...aber nur weilich das auch machen will T_T
-Because I love you- Augapfelesserin
It was a bit to late when I made it, but it's my valetine present to my dearest boyfriend.
I will noone love more then you, my love <3

Danke ihr beiden ^.^

I <3 you, Jakill~ :*
Thanks, lune

and thank you my "bewinged" love ~ "beloved" angel :*
mäh das bild is so toll .__.
ihr 2 seit schon n tolles päarchen ^_^
-Assassin Cross- I like the pose~ Augapfelesserin
Succubus -> Assa Cross
The Background is from CT Underground 4. I hate Bathorys...
Yeah, I was bored

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