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Gallery of Asrun
Piasrun Asrun
..That's how I call her xP
I finally got Piamette hairband on the server I'm currently playing at so I celebrated the occasion with a custom sprite edit for my signature o/

And because I liked the hair as pink much more than as blonde, I thought I'd add the pink one just for comparison.

Me, myself and I Asrun
Just a normal-ish group-shot with little editing.
I originally had a signature, few years ago, with all of my trans-classed packed in it, and now that they've finally "evolved" into third class, I decided to bring all of them together again.

The hardest sprite to play around was probably the warlock :c

Eternal Love Asrun
These sprites were requested for a signature, I did them exactly as they wished so there's not much I can do about it =p

High priest couples are so cute :3 I'm glad that they liked the finished signature!

Kalmia Asrun
Another stalker, I made her other arm from a scratch which is easily noticeable xP
Originally she was supposed to be posing together with a Succubus but I scrapped that idea. Left the heart there though.

I like her shoes more like this. Made them a tiny bit longer than what they normally are, too.

Professor Asrun
Just modified the original professor sprite to my liking.
I was having trouble with the waist so I left it without any details.

The poofy sleeves from sorcerer look awesome :3
But the stuffed fox covers up all the details on the chest area which makes me sad >:
There's also some minor edits to her face and the hair which you won't probably notice =p

Couldn't think of any professor-like headgear besides of eyeglasses so I left it gearless for now.

New Year Swordie Asrun
I saw someone's attempts to make New Year chars and I couldn't resist trying, though mine didn't come out as good as the other ones o:

Was too lazy to recolor so I just slapped a layer of pink on top of it :3

awww *_*
Pirate Asrun
I wanted to make a pirate sprite and I found a perfect NPC sprite to start with, I'll try and make it better one day but for now I'm almost happy with how this one came up to look like Dx

I like! Good work.
faved :P you're really good!!
wuha *-* I love it
Deathbringer Asrun
The pose looks a bit awkward but overall I like it, I might go and tweak it later so that it'll look more natural, and maybe use it somewhere but for now I'll let it stay as a work in progress.
The picture has an actual story but I won't go into details.

The roses weren't done by me so I'm not claiming them (I have no idea who did them, though), and the weapon sprite is from a private server where used to I play at, I had to bug the admin to get the sprites to use xP


Could you send me the scythe sprite sheet please? :D
Is it okay if I would modify your scythe and just use the basic?^^
can you send it to me please?
can u send me the scythe plss
not so original
but good job i guess
Marche Asrun
Tweaked Lord Knight sprite, this is for Marche :3
He's played LK as his main for as long as I can remember.

Kalmia Asrun
I was playing a bit with the original stalker sprites.
They got so ridiculously small feet originally that I edited them, they look a bit awkward though D:
This is how I usually prefer drawing them though.

Devil Asrun
A little devil, I like how the hair color came out :3

cute <3 :D Devils <33
Angel Asrun
Just a little angel I made out of boredom, she has a counterpart which I will be uploading soon.

It's so cute. :D <3
Signature Asrun
Spent few hours doing this, cooould've been better but for now it's okay. :3 Learning while doing, I guess.

I was going to add a professor but I'll still need to re-make her entire bust area which'll take some time to get to look natural D:

I love the whitesmith xP

Valkyrja Asrun
Me as a valkyrie :D
I know this has been done a lot by other people, probably better than I did, too, but I wanted to try it out~

..Not too satisfied with the legs, but since I was just fooling around I don't think it matters. I thought that lord knight sprite's would fit Valk's lower part pretty well since they're both armored o_o;

It looks scarier with the ghost-aura :D

Not crazy for this.. Looks blunt to me but good job for the effort. Try working more on your color.
Prayer Asrun
A signature, it looks crap in .gif form, sorry :x

Edited it a bit, used the lower body from another frame and re-colored the outfit by myself =p

Not-so-little-mermaid Asrun
Just fooling around on some sprites for the lulz,
this's going to be an animated signature when I get it entirely done~

Nice <3
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