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Gallery of Amane
Mirror? Amane
It's not really good, aber i think everyones know that feeling. Just look happy, but in real, you could cry, because it happened something bad or any other things.

esta kool
Yea i know that feeling, you put on a mask and act like you're happy so nobody notice how you really feel and so nobody will worry, but inside you're crying.
I love the idea, great job.. another fav!! ^^ *fav* and don't cry ;_; *glomps the crying priestess*
Just a signature Amane
That's my first try for a forum-signature. I didn't had many ideas, but that's it. *heh* ^^

oh i forgot ^^ *fav*
I love it!!!! I love the gypsy (my fav class xD always my main ^^ well dancer) and the cute little music notes! and the sweet little super novice sleeping on the pretty priestess her lap ^^ and you just need to love the homunculus x.x *hugs them TIGHT* and the couple looks so happy and in love ^^ so romantic :3 keep it up
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